Arizona: familiar place; new experience

My name is Matt Nevarez and I play for the Houston Astros organization.  I began my career with the Texas Rangers in 2005 and was acquired via trade last August.  I spent a lot of time out in Arizona the first half of my career rehabbing due to injuries so now I am very excited to get the opportunity to play in the Arizona Fall League.  I have had many other teammates who have been given the chance to play in this league and I am happy that I am now getting my chance to experience it as well.  I was sent here to work on mechanical issues I had struggled with this past season.  I am hoping to work those problems out and get back to pitching strong.  It’s going to be a great experience for me to play with other guys from different organizations.  I will keep you informed on how it all plays out!  Tomorrow is the first day of workout so I am sure getting to meet the guys will be good!

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    Watched Matt play in AA ball for the Corpus Christi Hooks. Looking forward to keeping up with him in the Arizona League.

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